Binoy Varghese

Artist: Binoy Varghese

Title: Veneer

Size: 60 X  60 inches

Year: 2018

Medium: Acrylic on canvas


Binoy Varghese is known for his sensitively rendered paintings. The artist himself practices meditation and this pervades through his work. On the surface, his paintings are bright and colourful, featuring smiling children, the open enquiring faces of women set against bright foliage. However, with time the work reveals a subtle hint of disquiet. The male protagonist is rare since most of Varghese’s works are dominated by a feminine presence, however he has recently turned to panting boys, mostly in a state of religious ecstasy. The women appear peeping through thick green foliage and blooming red and pink flowers. They seem to seduce the viewer or relish the visual delight on offer. The imagery employed by Varghese has a photo-like finish, gives the work a realistic overview, that is punctuated by a dreamy montage of flowers and objects. Varghese has showed in Delhi, Cochin and New York among others.