Poetry of Lived Spaces, A Brush with the Lens.

TUESDAY, 21 SEPTEMBER 2021 To TUESDay, 22 March 2022

If these walls could talk, they would tell us about the history of their past… If the ceilings looking down upon the people within the structures, could tell us about the lives played-out beneath their protective arches… If the staircase that leads mysteriously to somewhere could guide us… up or down to their final destination… Then we could discover stories that perhaps have never been written down.


Thursday, 6 August to Friday, 6 October 2021

Artist Shekh Hifzul Kabeer artfully employs mythology to address the pain and anxiety of the current situation with the pandemic. A number of experts are of the opinion that sweeping societal change will make life worse for most people as greater inequality, rising authoritarianism and rampant misinformation take hold in the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak. A small portion believe and are hopeful that life will be better in a ‘tele-everything’ world where workplaces, health care and social activity improve despite the frustrating times we are witnessing.  


Monday, 6 September to Saturday, 6 November 2021

In India , only a handful of artist-photographers are still continuing the legacy of this genre and tradition.Rajesh Soni as one of them  is the 3rd generation descendant of skilled artist- photographers. His grandfather Prabhu Lal Soni (1905-1958) had worked as a court photographer and painter for the late Maharana Shri Bhupal Singh of Mewar in Udaipur.He passed down his skills of hand-painting to his son, Lalit, who himself passed them down to his son Rajesh.



Sunday, 22 November 2020 to friday, 15 january 2021

If one were to think of making art as a durational performance, it would find resonance in Hemi Bawa’s working process. When creating glass sculpture, she is the narrator and protagonist; the studio is her stage – the fiery heart of the furnace, her one powerful prop – or call it the metaphorical magician’s box from which marvels emerge.

Hemi Bawa
Nowhere to go, Lockdown Series
Recycled Crushed Glass Torso Installation
2020 (Side View)

Contemporary Avatars of Ancient MYTHS by Shekh Hifzul Kabeer

Bodies of Light by Hemi Bawa

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