South Asia Arts Heritage Advisory & Agency Services

A profile

Artspeaks India Heritage’s consultancy vertical is more than a service; it is a dedicated team of professionals passionate about preserving and promoting India's rich cultural heritage through a multidisciplinary approach. With several years of experience, our team excels in documentation, content strategies, filming, photography, heritage research, annual & impact assessment reports, newsletters, compendiums, education, training, and skilling. Our commitment to innovation, inclusivity, and community engagement drives us to create a deeper understanding and appreciation of India's diverse cultural legacy.

We also specialize in symposiums, conclaves, and conventions, focusing on assisting corporations and foundations in attaining their CSR agendas. Our expertise lies in heritage, crafts, artisanal development, and the social sectors.

Our team of consultants has two decades of experience in this area and has collaborated with multiple organizations, including INTACH, ICOMOS, the Ministry of Culture, FICCI-FLO, INKO Centre Chennai, Lalit Kala Academy, the British Council, Mahindras, The Partition Museum, CII-IWN Delhi, the Nand and Jeet Khemka Foundation, TGELF, The Shift Series, Bhajan Global Impact Foundation, Dhara Shakti Foundation, BG Foundation, and Creative Dignity.

Our Vision

To be a leading voice in rural textiles, craft and heritage preservation by using innovative and cutting-edge methods to document, educate, and inspire. We aim to foster a community that values and actively participates in safeguarding India’s cultural and rural heritage.

Our Approach

To use traditional research methods and modern technology to create a comprehensive and holistic approach to heritage conservation. This commitment to innovation ensures that we deliver high-quality work that meets the needs of our diverse clientele, reassuring us of our dedication to quality.

Areas of Expertise