G R Iranna

Artist: G R Iranna

Title: Cocoon

Size: 42  X  58 inches

Year: 2017

Medium: Self scaffolding watercolour on paper


G R Iranna navigates the spaces between the real and the imagined. In essence, his works explore the Foucauldian heterotopias that represent the coming together of these spaces that float between being and nothingness. Whether it is his trademark “splotched surfaces” peopled by monks or the layered canvases that expose tree roots and branches or schematized cityscapes, and more recently carpets, delineated by ash, Iranna’s works explore shared notions of birth, death, life and transcendence. The Buddhist monks as imagined by Iranna are self-peripheralized beings. He has exhibited at Gallery Espace in New Delhi, the Guild in Mumbai, with a solo at NGMA Bangalore, a solo project at the Kochi Biennale 2016 with an upcoming show in New York.