The Glass Makers Club

ARTSPEAKS India has launched India’s first ever Glass Maker’s Club, a platform and forum that is directed towards the medium of glass and its multiple avatars. At the core of the Club’s agenda will be to provide Glass the space and recognition it deserves; to bring together artists, practitioners, writers, connoisseurs and collectors exploring the medium in different ways; and to collectively address the infrastructural and other challenges that makers of glass continue to face. Though a niche field of practice, glass art in India is connected to a rich legacy of historical trade and courtly patronage, building community artisanship and crafting skills of a very high standard, particularly in blown glass techniques. Glass has made its presence felt in the space of contemporary art and design as well, with a few individuals and studios leading the way Read More…..

Glass and Mimesis, Raghvi Bhatia

In his theory of Mimesis, Plato says that all art is mimetic by nature; art is an imitation of life. Aristotle added that mimesis refers to both form and material.

Exploring Commerce of Glass as an Art Form, Ashwini Pai Bahadur

The club, launched by Artspeaks India, will provide glass the space and recognition it deserves by enabling artists, practitioners, writers, connoisseurs and collectors to explore the medium in different ways.

The Story of Glass, Lina Vincent Sunish

The story of glass begins from the time that human beings discovered the fact that sand, at high temperatures, becomes molten to form a non-crystalline substance.