United by Manish Pushkale

Artist: Manish Pushkale

Title: United

Size: 60 X 36 inches

Year: 2017

Medium: Mixed media on canvas


Manish Pushkale was born in Bhopal in 1973. A trained geologist, Pushkale also studied art at the Art College in Bhopal, acquiring degree there. He received AlFACs Award (97) and the Raza Foundation Award (2003), was an Artist In-Residence, France and Italy. Pushkale’s art is intrinsically linked with the mythological, without making overt references to the same. A subdued colour palette lends a lingering calm to his works. However, on a closer examination, the motifs and symbols in his art come to light, giving it different meanings. Subtle brush strokes and shading create multi-layered meaning. His abstract paintings merge the organic with the spiritual, influenced by Buddhist and Jain philosophy, ultimately transcending religion to express a personal engagement with the immaterial. He believes that through his paintings he is simply trying to curate that dampness and darkness of space in his own way. His mystic vision is passionate.