Memories of S/he by Nilanjana Nandy

Artist: Nilanjana Nandy

Title: Memories of S/he

Size: 12 X 48 inches

Year: 2017

Medium: Mixed media on paper


Nilanjana Nandy is a sensitive artist whose work slips under the surface and peels open what lies beneath. Her canvases, works on paper and multimedia work, journeys into her world, where mundane objects like everyday tools, umbrellas, fruits and insects are magically transformed into beings with their own personality. Her works are underpinned by an interesting reading of gender while touching on popular culture. Her brand of feminism is gentle and humorous. In this series she uses everyday tools, like the spanner known as a monkey wrench, to put across her point about the plasticity of gender. By feminizing these highly masculine tools, with large pink lips and tiger tail accessories, she reclaims them masculinity and patriarchy. Delhi-based Nandy studied for her BFA at the College of Art, New Delhi and MFA in painting at the Faculty of Fine Art, M.S.U, Baroda. She has shown her works nationally and internationally