Precious Moments by K Laxma Goud

Artist: K Laxma Goud

Title:  Precious Moments

Size: 19.5 X 14 inches

Year: 2004

Medium: Colour pencil and watercolour on paper


K. Laxma Goud is a recipient of the Padma Shree. He works in a variety of mediums including etching, gouache, pastel, bronze and terracotta sculpture and glass painting. He is known for his distinctive exploration of an eroticism based in nature and situated in the context of the everyday life of rural India. He studied painting and printmaking at the MS University, Baroda in the sixties as a student of K. G Subramaniam an indigenous modernist. Goud’s art, is influenced by the arts, culture and folklore of rural Telangana. His works deal with various anthropomorphised forms of fertility, fantasy and sexuality. His recent solos include An Inner Retrospective’ at Gallery Sumukha, Bangalore 1 want to Seduce with My Line’, Art Alive, New Delhi, ‘Everyday Life’, Focus Art Gallery, Chennai and Aicon Gallery, London. Group shows include ‘Seed for History and Form Tebhaga’, Aicon Gallery, New York and in New Delhi’s Art Alive and Delhi Art Gallery.