Swagata S Naidu

Swagata teaches at NID, Ahmedabad and heads Ceramic and Glass Design Discipline as its Discipline Lead. Having done her graduation in architecture her interest in monolithic fired ceramic houses by Ray Meeker led her to pursue a master's in NID’s Ceramic and Glass Design department. She was exposed to materials, techniques and science, design process, systems thinking and sociocultural-economic relevance of craft practice during her academic tenure. This education helped build empathy for the process of handcrafting over her existing propensity for spatial structures, the relationship between the maker and making and the influence of experiences from society and indoctrination on physical expression in making.
Her interest led to her eager enquiry into future practises in material, art and craft traditions of glass and ceramics in India. Swagata’s experience comes from working in different domains with a wide variety of people and contexts over the last decade. Her practise roots in working with craft communities, architecture, material sciences, education and quite recently in art.
She has been actively engaged in projects related to craft development, architecture and art primarily in glass flamework for many years now apart from her academic commitments.