Pooja Iranna

Artist: Pooja Iranna

Title: Memories

Size: 12 X 8.5 inches

Year: 2017

Medium: Gouache and graphite on handmade paper


Pooja Iranna’s mixed media works reflects on the edifice, though her interaction with architecture is more metaphorical rather than ethnographic. In her hands the building is treated and becomes almost human. Through her works she reflects upon the bewildering demands of a consumerist, modern society, their illumined hopes and dreams. The lattice and the gird, figure in her visual vocabulary. While both her parents Rameshwar and Shobha Broota are famous artists, and her husband G R Iranna is also well-known, Pooja chooses her own path. Her work is stylistically different from her spouse and parents. Over the years she has created a distinct language for herself and her creative process is unique. She has participated in many exhibitions, including The Kala Ghoda Art Fest 2000, and the 41st National Exhibition at the Lalit Kala Academy. Her work is in private collections in India, New York, Bangkok, and Hong Kong.