Journeys by Sanjay Das

Artist: Sanjay Das

Title: Journeys

Size: 30 X 45 inches

Year: 2017

Medium: Photographic Print


Sanjay Das is a well-known photographer whose images capture that which has not been beheld before. Trough extensively travelling into the remote interiors of Bengal and Gujarat he brings back vistas of the varied terrains of India. He began his career, as an advertising professional, after completing his professional qualification from College of Art, New Delhi, later he went on to become an art photographer, veering towards the documentary genre. His photographic journey was triggered by the first glimpse of Ladakh. Das now trains his lens on the untold stories, forgotten cultures the dying arts, obsolete machines and the endless picturesque landscape of the interior and remote parts of India. He is constantly in search of beauty and diversity. His objective is to create imagery that tells a story – in colour, in texture, in light and in shadow and form a unique blend that culminates in an image that is captivating.