City of History Series by Samit Das

Artist: Samit Das

Title: City of History Series

Size: 8.27 X 11.69 inches

Year: 2013

Medium: Collages on Paper


Samit Das is an internationally acclaimed artist. His compositions are a juxtaposition of time and space. The artist creates multiple layers and remarkable forms using urban architecture as his point of reference and departure. His oeuvre comprises photographs, collages, paintings and drawings, at times combining multiple mediums in a single creation. He also builds interesting textures in his works, some tactile while others are only visual. The artist says that one cannot hinder or deny the inexorable growth of cities as an artist he is interested in what ways and to what extent this growth takes place. Probably there is no end to the growth of a city and we have to create our own ‘spaces’ in an effort to retain a level of sustainability for humans within the built habitat. Cities must live with their history, their juxtaposition of architecture, and their complex relationship to time and to history.