Red Carnation Flower by Hemi Bawa

Artist: Hemi Bawa

Title: Red Carnation Flower 

Size: 65 X 86 inches

Year: 2017

Medium: Fiberglass with automotive paint 


Hemi Bawa’s sculptures combine strength and grace, allowing the statuesque and the gentle to meld harmoniously. Her works convey expressions of struggle, pain, resilience, and freedom. She works in different mediums like aluminium, bronze, stone and cast glass. Her work often taps into the inner lives and complex social struggles of women. Having moved from painting in oil and acrylics to sculpture, she exhibits full command of her material, making thought provoking and stylistically innovative use of light, texture and contour to explore the unplumbed depths of the human psyche, and an evolving, stream of consciousness. She has been part of exhibitions like her solo presented by Artspeaks India, at Emporio DLF, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi, ‘The Glass Dimension” presented by Gallerie Alternatives, with shows at the Polka Art Gallery, New Delhi, Apparao Gallery, Chennai and ’Inspired by steel’, Alliance Francois de Delhi, at the Tokyo at the Genkan Gallery.