Pratul Dash

Pratul Dash is born in Burla, Sambalpur, Orissa and one of the noted contemporary artists of India today. He works across multiple media channels, including, video, performance, photographic, earth art, installation, and sculpture. He has held six solos in major art galleries of India, participated in about two dozen shows curetted by noted curators of the country; he has participated in a number of major art camps and residency programs. As a recipient of the prestigious Inlaks Foundation Award for which he went to Italy for further studies in fine arts. He has travelled abroad a number of times in connection with various international events. Pratul is widely acknowledged for raising the issue of damage we are doing to our environment, ecology, planet earth, and society at large. He is artistically concerned about the immigration of labourers to cities and the sub-human conditions of living, as the expanding cities encroach upon the surrounding green covers and eco-systems.