1 JUNE - 30 JUNE 2021
Delhi, India |

Artspeaks India Outreach is the social development and community service initiative of Artspeaks India. Our multidisciplinary arts & cultural projects are the facilitators to transform lives and ensure sustained livelihood. Over the last five years Artspeaks India Outreach has provided opportunities and support in streamlining lives towards sustaining livelihoods. The objective is to empower and equip the deserving with the skills inherent to the arts and revive traditional art practices by creating windows for their exposure. We connect and enhance communities through art and aspire individuals through creativity. Artspeaks india is committed to the practice and promotion of art therapy as a priority area thus involving the encouragement of free self expression through the arts as a remedial, diagnostic and therapeutic activity. | +91 93542 91990 | : | : @artspeaksindia


Giving children a childhood

Delhi Council for Child Welfare (DCCW) is an established NGO working for the welfare of under-privileged children in and around Delhi, since 1952. Over the last six decades DCCW has impacted the lives of over 3,00,000 under-privileged children through its programmes and services – providing a home for lost / abandoned children, medical care, nutrition, rehabilitation of special needs children, vocational training and facilitating education. Typically over 3000 underprivileged children are served daily through 16 Centres. This has been made possible by partnering with individuals and institutions who believe they can bring about a change in the lives of these children, helping them achieve their potential and go on to lead productive lives.PALNA, the home and adoption centre for lost and abandoned children has been operational for over four decades in the Civil Lines area of Delhi. There are over 3000 children and young adults across the world whose first real home was PALNA. | Tel: 011-23968907 | email: | Instagram: @palna_dccw

June 1 , 2021
Dear Patrons,
We are in the midst of the prevailing Covid pandemic where children have begun to be impacted greatly. Over 500 children have been orphaned in India due to the second wave of Covid. Even as India grapples with crumbling health systems experts are already calling for preparations for the third wave, which they predict will strike the country later this year. Warnings of a severe impact on children don’t augur well for orphanages who face unprecendented challenges with having to care for vulnerable lost and abandoned children.

For the last thirty years I have personally observed the dedication of Delhi Council for Child Welfare (DCCW) that manages PALNA, a home and adoption centre for lost and abandoned children, located at Yamuna Road Civil Lines Delhi. DCCW is an exemplary NGO with a committed leadership spanning over six decades. Since they receive no funding from the government all programs are dependent on donations from organisations and individuals. Recently their programs have been severely impacted by the pandemic, both in terms of financial and practical constraints with reductions in corporate donations. In order to ensure the safety of the children, administrators and caregivers here have been working overtime, and often at risk to their own health. Rations usually forthcoming have been irregular due to lockdowns. With delays in adoption, the children are staying in much longer. New arrivals and sick children need to be isolated with dedicated caregivers. Expenses have surmounted with the need for medication, oxygen concentrators, oximetres, and other essential supplies to meet the current requirement and to prepare for the possible third wave that is predicted to impact children more than now.  

Artspeaks India Outreach Program takes the initiative, to organise the Covid Relief Art Fundraiser 2021 to support Delhi Council of Child Welfare (DCCW) through the sale of art. Part of the proceeds will be donated to PALNA.    

Eighty two artworks including Paintings, Sculptures, Mixmedia, Limited Edition Prints, Digital Art and Photographs are presented in a medley of three curated formats:

Remembering M F Hussain On His 10th Death Anniversary; Inspirations From Our Heritage; Flora, Fauna & Beyond.  

It would be a much appreciated and heartwarming gesture on your part to purchase  one or more of these artworks to help these children.      

Ashwini Pai Bahadur

Director, Artspeaks India

LOT 1 | Tej Parwani, India Will Rise Again | (5/10)
16 Digital Illustrations | Print on Matte Archival Paper | 4” X 4”
| Price INR 3,500 each |

| PALNA, Civil Lines, Delhi |


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Team Artspeaks India

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– 25 % of the total sale proceeds for Covid Relief will be donated to PALNA , Delhi Council of Child Welfare , Qudsia Bagh, Yamuna Marg, Civil Lines, Delhi

LOT 2 | Shalini Karn | Lady with Firewood on Her
Head | Madhubani (acrylic on paper) | 22” X 30“ |
2021 | Price INR 20,000 |


Maqbool Fida Hussain developed a style which is instantaneously recognisable, the heightened tonal exasperations of his created forms, resonated, being combined by his influence of art movements such as Cubism and Expressionism, and yet unrelentingly anchored to his roots. His artistic expressions pulsate with the identity of timelessness, his forms not only celebrate the sacred relics of the past but also embers the essence of thriving life. He was at the forefront of our modernism movement and constantly influenced the very genesis of modern India’s artistic evolution. His creations continue to proffer an ongoing narrative which sustains its relevance amidst the ever-fleeting nature of the present. The artist has indeed played a pivotal role in introducing independent India’s art to a wider audience both within India and internationally.

LOT 3 | MF Hussain, British Raj Series
Limited Edition Prints 136/300 | 36” X 60“
| Price INR 3,00,000 |

LOT 4 | MF Husain 1980s | Oil on canvas | 14” X 18“ | Price INR 32,00,000 |
Property from the collection of a distinguished collector

LOT 5 | Price INR : 5,50,000

LOT 6 | Price INR : 4,75,000

LOT 7 | Price INR : 4,75,000

LOT 8 | Price INR : 4,75,000

| MF Husain sketches | Charcoal on paper | 11” X 14“ | 1970s - 1980s |
Property from the collection of a distinguished collector

| 36” X 31” |

| 25” X 36” |

| 25” X 36” |

LOT 9 | Limited Edition MF Husain 1970s |
Artist Proof (AP) serigraphs on wove paper
| set of 3 rare collectors piece for Price INR 10,00,000 |
Property from the collection of a distinguished collector

LOT 10 | MF Hussain | Serigraph on Canvas (12/50) | 30” X 60“ | Price INR 4,50,000 |

LOT 11 | MF Hussain, Limited Edition Prints (82/100) |
28” X 39“ | Serigraphs | Price INR 65,000 |

LOT 12 | MF Hussain, Limited Edition Prints (70/150) |
32” X 50“ | Serigraphs | Price INR 70,000 |

LOT 13 | MF Hussain, Limited Edition Prints (84/100) | 30” X 56“ | Price INR 75,000 |

LOT 14 | MF Hussain, Limited Edition Prints (84/100) | 30” X 72“ | Price INR 3,00,000 |

LOT 15 | MF Hussain, Theorama - Vedic ,
Limited Edition Prints (150/250) | 15” X 22“ |
Price INR 1,40,000 |

LOT 16 | MF Hussain, Theorama - Jainism ,
Limited Edition Prints (150/200) |
29.5” X 20.5“ | Price INR 1,50,000 |

LOT 17 | MF Hussain, Mahabharat Series,
Limited Edition Prints (282/300) | 36” X 60“ |
Price INR 1,50,000 |

LOT 18 | MF Hussain, Limited Edition
Prints (62/100) | 28” X 40“
| Price INR 55,000 |


Amarnath Sehgal (Modernist-Bronze) DVS Krishna (Temple Sculptures-Fibreglass) Banwali Lal Tekum (Gond) Dwaraka Prasad Jangid (Kawad) Hemi Bawa (Mughal Jali-Contemporary) KS Kulkarni (Ajanta Murals-Modernist) Kalighat Tribal Artists (Bengal-Traditional) Laxma Goud (Rural Eroticism-Bronze Sculptures) Manu Parekh (Bengal, Polemics Contemporary) Rajkumari (Gond) Pratap Morey (Architectural Heritage-Digital) Ramesh Gorjala (Kalamkari-Contemporary) Sanjay Manubhai Chitara (Mata ni Pachedi) Shalini Karn (Madhubani) Shivani Aggarwal (Embroidery-Contemporary) Shruti Gupta Chandra (Architectural Heritage-Photography) Tej Parwani (Kalighat-Contemporary)


Amar Nath Sehgal (5 February 1922 – 28 December 2007) was a noted Indian modernist sculptor, painter, poet and art educator. He started his career as an engineer in Lahore, and later turned to art. He shifted to Delhi after partition of India in 1947, and in 1950 studied art education from New York University School of Education. Subsequently, became an art educator, teaching at College of Art, Delhi, and in time a noted modern sculptor to his generation. Though he also ventured into painting, drawings and poetry. In 1979, Amar Nath Sehgal set up his studio in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and lived between Luxembourg and India until his return to New Delhi in 2004. His long romance with Luxembourg goes back to 1966 when he had his first solo exhibition at the Musée National d’Histoire et d’Arts in Luxembourg-City. His iconic bronze bust sculpture of Mahatma Gandhi in the Municipal Park in Luxembourg celebrates the strong connection he had with Luxembourg. 

LOT 19 | untitled | Bronze | 11” X 8“ | | Price INR 7,50,000 |

LOT 20-21 | Banwali Lal Tekum | Gond
Painting | Acrylic and Ink on canvas | 35” X 30“ |
2020 | Price INR 20,000 (each) |

LOT 22-23 | Rajkumari | Gond Painting |
Acrylic and Ink on canvas | 35” X 30“ |
2020 | Price INR 20,000 (each) |


D V S Krishna completed his graduation in painting from JNTU Hyderabad in 1996 . His works reflect a stark inspiration of the Temple sculptures from Andhra Pradesh, he creates such forms that are reminiscent of them but they still encompass a signature, which is definitely personal in character. Thus the forms are a blend of traditional structural patterns and personal expression. The Fibre glass sculptures by the artist are introspective in nature.The solitary free standing Bust of the protagonist reinstates a meditative, serene and quiet mood.A single bright hue Falls unanimously throughout his sculptures and accentuates the facial features to emerge in a soft, glossy and perfect brilliance.

LOT 24 | Untitled | Painted on Fibreglass | 13”Hx9“Wx9”D | 2020 | Price INR 1,50,000 |


Kaavad is a rich, oral tradition of storytelling in Rajasthan, believed to be 4oo years old. Kaavad is also the name of the medium used for this kind of storytelling, it is a portable shrine, which has a visual narrative of mythological and folk tales. It looks like a box with a number of doors, with colourful illustrations decorating them with the stories are from the epics like Ramayana and Mahabharata as well as local folk tales about semi-divine heroes. The Kaavad shrine is made of mango or sheesham wood, by a community of carpenters (suthars) in the Mewar district, for the storytellers (Kaavadiyas) from the Marwar district who recite the Kaavad (Kaavad Baanchana) for their patrons (jajmans) spread over Rajasthan and other states. Dwarka Prasad Jangir was born in Bassi, a village near Chittorgarh on 5th May, 1953. Dwarka Ji grew up in a small town and after forcing himself through school till 8th grade, he devotedhimself to painting. He grew up watching his parents making Kaavad and by time he learnt also learned the skill of this beautiful craft from his father. Working since 40 years, Dwarka Ji has participated and exhibited his work in many exhibitions.

LOT 25 | Kavaad | Acrylic on canvas |
35” X 55“ | 2020 | Price INR 16,000 |

  LOT 26 | Dwaraka Prasad Jangid | Kavad | Ramayana Katha |
Mango wood and acrylic paint | 14” X 8” | 
2021 | Price INR 10,000

  LOT 27 | Dwaraka Prasad Jangid | Kavad |Dashaavatar Katha |
Mango wood and acrylic paint | 13” X 6” | 
2021 | Price INR 8,000


Hemi Bawa is an Indian artist who works with a broad range of mediums including paint, aluminium, bronze and cast glass. She explores the relationship between physical and conceptual realms by playing with materiality, form and meaning. Bawa believes that this artistic process allows audiences to draw multiple interpretations of her work. The artist studied Fine Art at Triveni Kala Sangam, after which she went to St. Martin’s College, London, to learn the art of cast glass. Her works not only convey expressions of joy, celebration , resilience, freedom, struggle and pain but also women in various social mileu like the flower sellers in the flower markets of Goa. Having moved from painting in oil and acrylics to sculpture, she exhibits a full command of her material, making thought-provoking and stylistically innovative use of light, texture and contour to explore the unplumbed depths of the human psyche, and an evolving, stream of consciousness.

LOT 28 | Man 1 (framed) | Pigment fired on mirror |
13” X 13“ | Price INR 50,000 |


LOT 29 | Man 2 (framed) | Pigment fired on mirror |
13” X 13“ | Price INR 50,000 |


LOT 30 | untitled | Acrylic on canvas | 30” X 40“ | late 1970s |
Price INR 14,00,000 |

LOT 31
| Kalighat Bibi with black sari |
Watercolour on paper |
51” X 37“ | Price INR 20,000 |

LOT 32
| Kalighat Bibi with green sari |
Watercolour on paper |
51” X 37“ | Price INR 20,000 |

LOT 33
| Kalighat Bibi with blue sari |
Watercolour on paper |
38” X 27“ | Price INR 16,000 |


Laxma Goud Kalal, born in 1940 in Andhra Pradesh, graduated with a diploma in Drawing and Painting from the Government School of Art and Architecture, Hyderabad and studied mural painting and printmaking at the MS University, Baroda. Laxma Goud, a master draftsman, is known for his versatility over a range of mediums. From etching, gouache and pastels, to glass paintings, prints, ceramics, terracotta, and bronze sculptures, he continues to move from working in one medium to another with equal élan. What sets him apart is his narrative ability, similar to that of a sutra dhara, or the traditional storyteller.  

LOT 34 | Untitled Edition No. 1/7 | Bronze |
28” X 27.5” X 3.5“ | Price INR 6,50,000 |


LOT 35 | Untitled | Serigraph on paper | 24” X 35“ |
Price INR 85,000 |


LOT 62 | Transpose Dispose - 1 | Archival Print , acrylic colour & engravings on archival board |
30 “ x 40 “ | 2016 | Price INR 2,25,000


LOT 36 | untitled | Acrylic on canvas | 70” X 40“ | 2014 | Price INR 8,00,000 |

LOT 37 | Untitled | Acrylic on canvas | 16” X 20“ | 2020 |
Price INR 1,40,000 |

LOT 38 | Untitled | Acrylic on canvas | 20” X 16“ | 2020 |
Price INR 1,40,000 |


Sanjay Manubhai Chitara has been working relentlessly to create and promote Mata ni Pachedi , folk paintings local to the Gujarat region which can be traced to a lineage of three centuries of Chitara artists. He was mentored by Chunilal, a recipient of the National Award and spent much of his childhood observing his father and went on to receive the National Award in 2000, and Shilp Guru award in 2009.

He only uses the frayed bamboo reed which enables him to change colors multiple times. He only uses the traditional “Madeer Paat”. unbleached handwoven cloth for his art as opposed to canvas.

LOT 39 | Mata ni Pachedi (Vahanvati Mata) |
Vegetable Dye on cotton cloth | 24” X 36“ | 2020 |
Price INR 35,000 |

LOT 40 | Mata ni Pachedi (Vahanvati Mata) |
Vegetable Dye on cotton cloth | 48” X 48“ | 2020 |
Price INR 35,000 |


Shalini Karn, mithila artist from Madhubani lives in Ranchi Jharkhand , works on canvas, paper and dress materials and keeps her own individuality not only in style of work but also in the ideas and their expressions. Born in traditional artists’family, Shalini has been exploring the style of Madhubani art and being a woman, she incorporate her experiences as well as gender based issues and its sensibilities in her art. Ant, one of the basic elements of her paintings, has been presented with various characteristic of this insect which is used as different metaphor at different places. Shalini has been doing workshops with many communities across India.

LOT 41 | Krishna and Gopi-3 | Madhubani
(acrylics on canvas) | 22” X 30“ | 2020 |
Price INR 24,000 |

LOT 42 | Krishna Killing Bakasur Demon | Madhubani
Acrylic on Paper | 11” X 15“ | 2020 | Price INR 20,000 |

LOT 43 | Krishna Lifting Mt. Govardhan | Madhubani
Acrylic on Paper | 11” X 15“ | 2020 | Price INR 20,000 |


Shivani Aggarwal is a New Delhi based Visual Artist. She is a Post Graduate certificate holder in painting from Wimbledon school of art (London, UK) where she was studying under Charles Wallace art award in 2003 and a Bachelors degree in fine arts from College of art New Delhi 1996. Her art practice has been developing into an exploration of issues of gender and the human condition, drawing a connection between the society and its effects. She is invested in a variety of media to do with thread and fiber like sewing, weaving, crocheting, painting along with sculpture in wood, fiberglass with threads and video as well for the past 15 years. She has widely exhibited nationally and internationally.

LOT 44 | Untitled
| Embroidery and acrylic on canvas | 10”X10”
each (set of 9 works) | 2016
| Price INR 3,75,000 |


Shruti had her initial training at Triveni Kala Sangam, New Delhi.She was awarded the National award for her painting in 2005 by the Lalit Kala Akademi. She also received the All India award of the All India Fine Arts and Crafts Society for her work in 1986 and 1995. She has been conferred with the Taj Gaurav award in 2008 and in 2019, the PHD Chambers of Commerce recognized her contribution to the field of fine arts.Shruti has held numerous shows International, All India and State Exhibitions since 1981.Her works were exhibited at the Bharat Bhawan Biennale,a Collateral show at the Kochi-Muziris Biennale in 2014-15,the Indianart Festival Bangkok in 2018  and the JERUSALEM BIENNALE in 2019.

LOT 45 | As the pages turned | Photograph on archival paper | 16” X 23“ | Price INR 40,000 |


LOT 46 | And so it began | Photograph on archival paper |
16” X 23“ | 2020 | Price INR 40,000 |


Tej Parwani is an upcoming artist with a deep passion for the arts. His inspirations stem from the rich culture and heritage of India which includes Kalighat from Bengal and the Ajanta Murals. He has developed his own unique style of working with a minute attention to detail with mediums like ink , ball point pens and digital mediums. Presently he is a student at a Design University in Mumbai pursuing his passion for art and design.

LOT 47 | Rudra Yuddh of Mahakali |
Ink and ball point pen on handmade paper
| 18” X 24“ | 2020 | Price INR 22,000 |


LOT 48 | Ajanta |
Ink and ball point pen on handmade paper
18” X 24“ | 2020 | Price INR 16,000 |

LOT 49 | Krishna Viratswaroop |
Ink and ball point pen on handmade paper
18” X 24“ | 2020 | Price INR 20,000 |


LOT 50 | Tabassum |
Ink and pen on paper
I 8.3” X 11.7“ | 2018 |
Price INR 7,000 |

LOT 51 | Chandramukhi and Surekha |
Ink and pen on handmade paper
11.7” X 16.5“ | 2019 |
Price INR 16,000 for the set of 2 |


Ashok Bhowmick – ‪Aviva Baig – Jogen Chowdhury – Kiki ‬Du Toit – ‪KS Kulkarni – Manu Parekh – Puja Kshatriya ‪- Ram Kumar – Ravi Kumar Chunchula – R. Vijay – Shamshad Hussain – Tej Parwani – Waswo X Waswo


LOT 52 | Untitled | Acrylic on canvas |
48” X 48“ | Price INR 2,00,000 |

LOT 53 | Untitled | Acrylic on canvas |
25” X 18“ |Price INR 1,50,000 |


Aviva Baig was born and brought up in New Delhi. After graduating from Modern School, Barakhamba Road, she is currently studying Journalism and Communication at O P Jindal Global University. Apart from studying, Aviva travels around the country playing Football at a National level. Her love for the visual interpretation of life takes her and her cameras to jungles, mountains and deserts across the world. Aviva aims to bring about change through working on different social issues and bringing them to the fore in the public domain through her photographs. She creates images in different genres of photography and her photography has been featured in national and international publications and portals.

LOT 81 | A tail to tell |
Photograph on Archival Paper | 18” X 24“ | 2020 |
Price INR 8,000 |

LOT 82 | The quiet light of dawn |
Photograph on Archival Paper | 18” X 24“ | 2020 | Price INR 8,000 |


Jogen Chowdhury (born 16 February 1939) is an eminent Indian painter and considered an important painter of 21st century India. He lives and works in Santiniketan. He graduated from the Government College of Art & Craft, Kolkata and subsequently at École nationale supérieure des Beaux-Arts, Paris in 1967. He has immense contribution in inspiring young artists of India. Jogen Chowdhury had developed his individual style after his return from Paris. His most famous paintings are in ink, water colour and pastel. He has painted in oil medium as well.

LOT 54 | Still Life with Fish (125/61) |
Serigraph on Paper | 17” X 24“ |
Price INR 75,000 |

LOT 55 | Jogen Chowdhury | Limited Edition Portfolio 10 Prints | Serigraphs | 36” X 60“ |
Price INR 85,000 for a set of 10 |


Kiki du Toit has been passionate about art all her life. Art has always been her refuge and a path towards understanding and interpreting the world around her.She has an affinity with India and its people on a level that makes her believe she has spent previous lives in this magical country . She aims to capture a subject’s inner story by unveiling a hidden part of their personality, their unique and  authentic quality. She captures imperfections through highlighting the ever-changing self. Her larger-than-life characters leap off the canvas with strong expressions and an air of mystery and are infused with her own personal memories, emotions, and desire. Her paintings are open and poetic, delicate and purposeful. The Divine Cow series encapsules so much of what India represents to her. The cow centre stage , but wrapped in fashion and whimsy. Nothing is what is expected, everything is open but so much is hidden beneath layers of history and habit.

LOT 56 | Vimi the Vegetariam |
Acrylic on canvas board | 28” X 28“ | 2021 |
Price INR 22,000 |


LOT 57 | Lillies Hat |
Acrylic on canvas board | 28” X 28“ | 2021 |
Price INR 22,000 |

LOT 58 | Barbara Baby Sitting |
Acrylic on canvas board | 28” X 28“ | 2021 |
Price INR 22,000 |


LOT 59 | Elle Lemon |
Acrylic on canvas board | 28” X 28“ | 2021 |
Price INR 22,000 |

LOT 60 | Mable and the birds |
Acrylic on canvas board | 28” X 28“ | 2021 |
Price INR 22,000 |


Born in 1939 in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, Manu Parekh has completed his Diploma in Drawing and Painting from the Sir J.J. School of Art, Mumbai, in 1962. His early work explored the relationships between man and nature, as according to him, this was an energetic link that had to be celebrated. The artist also points out that, since then, contradictions have formed the basis of his artistic practice, no matter the subject or genre of his works. 

LOT 61 | Limited edition portfolio prints | Mixed media |
14” X 20“ | set of 8 for Price INR 85,000 |

LOT 61 | Limited Edition Portfolio Prints | Serigraphs | 14” X 20“ | Set of 8 for Price INR 85,000 |


Puja Kshatriya is a merit scholar and a graduate from Delhi College of Art. She engages with the prismatic play of textures, surfaces, fragments and shapes. Her work is characterised by attention to detail combined with the spontaneous intermeshing of colours and textures. A large part of her oeuvre is a sensitive and empathetic exploration of the myriad possibilities of the human face, taking the art of portraiture to innovative dimensions. Her mixed media works weave unspoken narratives about lives of people through their visage. She has had four solo shows of which ìPause and Playî by Artspeaks India at Shridharani Gallery, Triveni Kala Sangam, ìConstruct Deconstructî, at Museum Art Gallery, Mumbai and a solo at Jehangir Art Gallery are important. She has been part of the Sharjah Biennale, the India Art Fair and an exhibition of ëWomen Artistsí

LOT 63 | Call of the Fragrances 2,
Enchanted Forest Series | Mixed media | 24” X 24“ | 2019
| Price INR 50,000 |


LOT 64 | Call of the Fragrances 1, Enchanted Forest Series | Mixed media | 24” X 24“ | 2019 | Price INR 50,000 |


LOT 65 | Land Scape | Acrylics on canvas |
24” X 18“ | 2005 | Price INR 23,00,000 |


Ravi Kumar Chunchula’s works delve into indian  heritage , histories, drama and theatre, political & personal issues. The transition from pristine rural Andhra to the hustle and bustle of city life in Delhi, is the undercurrent at play in much of Ravi Chunchula’s art-scape. Reflective of man-animal-nature interface and society, the gouache on paper works speak for the artist’s contemplative aesthetics underlined with satire.

LOT 66 | Reminiscence of the Daily Musings |
Gouache colours and collage newspaper rice paper
10” X 8“ | 2020 | Price INR 15,000 |

LOT 67 | Corridors of Contemplation | | Gouache colours on Rice Paper | 4” X 4“ | 2020 | Price INR 6,000 |

LOT 68 | Corridors of Contemplation |
| Gouache colours on Rice Paper
| 4” X 4“ | 2020 | Price INR 6,000 |


LOT 69 | Reminiscence of the Daily Musings |
Gouache colours and collage newspaper on rice paper
| 8” X 11“ | 2020 | Price INR 15,000 |


LOT 70 | Corridors of Contemplation | | Gouache colours on Rice Paper | 4” X 4“ | 2020 | Price INR 6,000 |

LOT 71 | Corridors of Contemplation |
| Gouache colours on Rice Paper | 4” X 4“ | 2020
| Price INR 6,000 |

LOT 72 | Corridors of Contemplation |
| Gouache colours on Rice Paper | 4” X 4“ | 2020
| Price INR 6,000 |


Waswo X. Waswo is a photographer and writer most commonly associated with his chemical process sepia-toned photographs of India, and also hand-colored portraits made at his studio in Udaipur, Rajasthan. R Vijay is a longtime collaborator and Vernacular miniaturist.



LOT 80 | Waswo X Waswo & R Vijay | Mango in Lockdown | Series Chaos in the Palace | Limited edition no. 11/15 | Digital Print on Archival Paper with Archival inks | 12” X 10” | Price INR 10,000 |


LOT 73 | Untitled | Oil on Canvas | 44” X 47“ | Price INR 11,00,000 |


LOT 74 | Vannakam Cher |
Tamil Nadu (3/20)
Digital Visual Collage print on archival
paper ( glossy finish )
11.7” X 16.5“ | 2021 | Price INR 6,500 |

LOT 75 | Kashmir Ki Kali |
Kashmir (3/20)
Digital Visual Collage print on archival
paper ( glossy finish )
11.7” X 16.5“ | 2021 | Price INR 6,500 |

LOT 76 | Breakfast at Chaudhary’s |
Rajasthan (3/20)
Digital Visual Collage print on archival
paper ( glossy finish )
11.7” X 16.5“ | 2021 | Price INR 6,500 |

Artspeaks India was founded and conceptualized as an arts and culture initiative. At the heart of its philosophy is a desire to liberate a language and vocabulary intrinsic to the arts themselves, to provide a scaffolding for form and matter to enunciate their own aesthetic and interpretive frames. In short, to facilitate, highlight, sensitise, and bear witness to the singular and myriad ways in which the arts might speak: to us, to each other and most significantly, for themselves. Artspeaks India’s first show organised at Epicentre Delhi, and titled Art for Art’s Sake was an attempt to flesh out this idea and explore the possibility of unburdening art from preconceived categories and lenses of perception. The team at Artspeaks India never hesitates to ask a pertinent question regarding the role of the viewer, and the need to consider more seriously the implicit and fresh art critical resources a viewer might bring to the appreciation of art. Inspired by this vision, and refusing to limit its understanding of the field of art to canonical definitions only, Artspeaks India has over the years been at the helm of a wide range of artistic endeavours.

These include design ,public arts, literature,promotion of heritage, local and indigenous art forms, multimedia initiatives encompassing cinema, theatre and other performing arts and pedagogical ventures like workshops and talks. Over the last decade, Artpeaks India has organised a plethora of exhibitions in various media and formats ranging from fiberglass sculpture to painting, both figurative and abstract, photography and film.

Help us help these children...


LOT 78 | Lullaby 7 | Pastel on paper |
19”x13” |
2020 | Price INR 30,000

LOT 79 | Lullaby 8 | Pastel on paper |
13”x19” |
2020 | Price INR 30,000