Artspeaks India was founded and conceptualized as  an  arts and culture initiative. At the heart of its philosophy is a desire to liberate a language and vocabulary intrinsic to the arts themselves, to provide a scaffolding for form and matter to enunciate their own aesthetic and interpretive frames, in short, to facilitate, highlight, sensitise, and bear witness to the singular and myriad ways in which the arts might speak:  to us, to each other and most significantly, for themselves.

Artspeaks India’s first show organised at Epicentre Gurgaon, and titled Art for Art’s Sake was an attempt to flesh out this idea and explore the possibility of unburdening art from preconceived categories and lenses of perception.

The team at Artspeaks  India never hesitates to ask a pertinent question regarding the role of the viewer, and the need to consider more seriously the implicit and fresh art critical resources a viewer might bring to the appreciation of art. Inspired by this vision, and refusing to limit its understanding of the field of art to canonical definitions only, Artspeaks India has over the years been at the helm of a wide range of artistic endeavours. These include public arts projects, promotion of heritage, local and indigenous art forms, multimedia initiatives encompassing cinema, theatre and other performing arts, pedagogical ventures like workshops, talks and collaborations, and exhibitions showcasing modern and contemporary art of India.